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Like it or not, every business has legal needs, even those whose operations are simple enough to lead them to assume that they are kept well away from potential litigation or other legal action. In particular, businesses must have written employment agreements for staff and an employment handbook is strongly recommended. This ensures that the terms and conditions of employment for any staff is clear from the start and helps to avoid potential future legal action from aggrieved staff.

Furthermore, a health and safety policy is also necessary to comply with regulations and help a business understand areas of potential risk that should be addressed.

These are all provided as part of this service along with many other contracts and agreements that are frequently required during the normal running of an SME business. Our website provides you with all of the tools to create legal documents and obtain legal advice at a fraction of the cost of visiting a solicitor, but with no loss of quality or confidence in the product you receive.

Business bulletin

The business bulletin is a monthly newsletter containing information about topical areas of law that might affect you as well as information about recent court cases, and it will advise you if there has been a change in law that affects any of the documents we provide.