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Landlord Services

As a landlord, you are often in the situation where you require help with a legal matter, such as the need to draft a residential tenancy agreement, or to issue tenants with a demand for payment of rent, or if the worst happens, to enable you to begin proceedings to take possession of the property due to arrears. Fortunately, these and many other situations, are dealt with using our website which provides you with all of the tools to create legal documents and obtain legal advice at a fraction of the cost of visiting a solicitor, but with no loss of quality or confidence in the product you receive.

ARAG policy holders

As an ARAG Landlord policyholder, then you may well be entitled to obtain many of these documents for free, all included as part of your policy. To take advantage of this, make sure you enter your voucher code (included in your policy documentation) in order to register on this site.

Try before you buy

As an ARAG Landlord policyholder, you are entitled to take advantage of over 90 free documents. The service also includes a significant number of other legal documents which are available for you to buy for a very reasonable fee. Every paid-for document has a 'Try before you buy' option so you can see how the service works without purchasing anything. You may even save your trial document if you wish, allowing you to purchase it at a later date as you require.

Legal review

Many of the document services we offer include the option of legal review, which can be obtained for a small fee. When you've finished creating the first draft of your document by answering the simple, step-by-step questionnaire, you will be able to securely send your document to our team of qualified legal experts for their review and comments.